African FILM FESTIVAL New Zealand


Online Festival for entire Australasia 9th to 31 December 2021


In a way, Mahmoud’s life is a ‘photocopy’ of millions of others: He has worked for 30 years in the same government job, as a data-entry typist for the State-owned newspaper. He has never married, and he’s never even been with a woman. When he settles for early retirement, he buys a nearby Storefront and […]

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Duga or Vultures are birds that live off dead animals. This film is about modern Burkinabe society where everyone is on the make like the vultures; and Animists, Muslims, and Christians are all entrenched in their own practices. The film rejects this religious sectarianism. Good friendships can be forever! […]

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The Other One is Me

This is a film of “life is always better on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea”. Three men meet on a deserted beach where they’ve been shipwrecked. The two Algerians are heading to Europe, and a Frenchman, who’s decided to change his life by going in the opposite direction. The resulting confusion, involving personality […]

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Rumba, also known as Gumba, meaning ‘belly button to belly button’ is a famous musical rhythm in Africa and Latin Africa. “Sur le chemin de la Rumba” is a Congolese film tracing Rumba’s musical history through Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and thence back to Africa. It takes the audience on an exquisitely filmed […]

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My Friend Fela

Unlike any previous narrative about the Nigerian musical genius Fela Kuti. Most often portrayed as an eccentric African pop idol of the ghetto, Fela is rarely presented as the strong political leader he was. Through the eyes of his friends, especially of this close friend and official biographer, the African-Cuban intellectual Carlos Moore, this documentary […]

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The Cemetery Of Elephants

The closed universe of a retirement home in France, referred to as “The Elephants cemetery”, is home to about thirty boarders, retired priests, including Father François de Gaulle, the nephew of General De Gaulle. In this Burkanibe documentary, we share the daily lives of these former missionaries, named “Pères blanc (White Fathers)” by the West […]

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This is a very inspiring film for youth as the philosophy of Coupe Decale is “Work Hard, Have Fun and Show Off” because you deserve it. In 2002, armed with computers and music software, a group of young Ivorians living in France, and led by the charismatic Douk Saga created a movement called “Coupé Decale” […]

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Musa is the story of an uncompromising strong princess in a village in the North West of Cameroon who places her love interest over tradition. The man in question is a nomad of Fulani origin. To her royal family, this is not just a matter of priority but a disrespect of long-standing traditions, and must […]

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Heads or Tails

A painting of a love doomed to failure, which traces the journey of three slices of lives. An array of taboos both in his prodigality and atrocity. It emphasises and highlights the evil powers of the traditions in a world where sins and values are blurred, are lost and dissolve. “The film delves into societal […]

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Maasai Remix

Maasai Remix follows three Maasai individuals who in different settings – the United Nations, a Tanzanian village, and an American university – face challenges to their community by drawing strength from local traditions, modifying them when necessary, and melding them with new resources. […]

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Parkour(s) Aka RESET

In a small city in North Africa, three women are heading to a marriage hall, Sonia to sing, Salima to work in the kitchen and Kamila to get married to a local rich businessman. When Youcef, a Parkour sportsman and desperate high school sweetheart of Kamila, takes a day off work to attend the wedding, […]

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Fig Tree

During the Ethiopian civil war, a Jewish teenager struggles to keep her beloved Christian boyfriend from being drafted, as she resists the pressure of leaving with her family to go to Israel without him. Set at a traumatic time in Ethiopia’s history, the film poses questions integral to the current international immigration debate: When war […]

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