African FILM FESTIVAL New Zealand


Online Festival for entire Australasia 9th to 31 December 2021

Fish Out Of Water

‘Fish Out Of Water’ is a local feature film starring Namibian model and reality TV personality, Maria Nepembe and the film ‘Katutura’ lead, actress and socialite Tjuna Kauapirurua. The film narrates the story of Maila, a young woman who sets off from the rural areas to Luderitz, hoping to land a job at the fish […]

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You Will Die at Twenty

Condemned to an early death from birth, young Muzamil waits despairingly for the day he will turn 20 and die. His father, grief-stricken by the holy prophecy, has already abandoned him, while his mother mourns her son in the only way she knows how – to protect him from the world. Hope flickers in the […]

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In an electronic garbage dump in Africa, there is still a child who hopes to restore the splendour of the past to his village. An elderly witch with whom he lives will help him to achieve it through a small seed, triggering a series of events that interconnect past and present, revealing to the child […]

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In a way, Mahmoud’s life is a ‘photocopy’ of millions of others: He has worked for 30 years in the same government job, as a data-entry typist for the State-owned newspaper. He has never married, and he’s never even been with a woman. When he settles for early retirement, he buys a nearby Storefront and […]

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Duga or Vultures are birds that live off dead animals. This film is about modern Burkinabe society where everyone is on the make like the vultures; and Animists, Muslims, and Christians are all entrenched in their own practices. The film rejects this religious sectarianism. Good friendships can be forever! […]

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Musa is the story of an uncompromising strong princess in a village in the North West of Cameroon who places her love interest over tradition. The man in question is a nomad of Fulani origin. To her royal family, this is not just a matter of priority but a disrespect of long-standing traditions, and must […]

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The White Line

What’s love got to do with the colour of your skin and the prevailing political situation? This is a story of hope borne from a love which blossoms during a turbulent time in the history of Namibia, where, against all odds, a white police officer falls in love with his black maid. Their love grows […]

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Deka, Asma and Hibo are three young Djibuti women from different socio-economic backgrounds who are studying for their secondary school graduation exam together. A beautiful insight into lives and loyalties of Djibouti teenagers whose concerns, in spite of an externally repressive culture, are those of teenagers everywhere regardless of religions and traditions. […]

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Under the Starry Sky

Between Turin, Dakar, and New York, Sophie, Abdoulaye and Thierno’s three destinies cross paths and echo one another, delineating a constellation of exile. Sophie, 24 years old, leaves Dakar to join her husband, Abdoulaye, in Turin. Meanwhile, Abdoulaye has already left for New York through a smuggler’s network. 19-year-old Thierno is travelling in Africa for […]

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They Will Have to Kill Us First

They Will Have To Kill Us First: Malian music in exile is a feature-length documentary following musicians in Mali in the wake of a jihadist takeover and subsequent banning of music. Music, one of the most important forms of communication in Mali, disappeared overnight in 2012 when Islamic extremists groups rose up to capture an […]

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The Mask from San

Tribal masks are loaded with significance but must retain their mystery. Taking his cue from this, acclaimed director Jacques Sarasin has carved a film of great beauty, a voyage between magic and reality that explores with respect and potency the culture – and secrets – of the Bambara of Mali. At its heart is the […]

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Stories of Our Lives

Stories of Our Lives began as an archive of testimonials from Kenyan persons who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and intersex assembled by a small Nairobi-based multidisciplinary arts collective. So compelling were these stories that the ten-member association of artists, social workers and entrepreneurs was inspired to adapt some of them into short films. […]

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