African FILM FESTIVAL New Zealand


Online Festival for entire Australasia 9th to 31 December 2021

Climb with Remi: Kilimanjaro for IDPs

In an attempt to get the public to care, four Nigerian women take on a symbolic adventure to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro to raise awareness for the plight of millions of women and children living in deplorable conditions in camps set up for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) children who have lost their homes and […]

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Women Hold Up the Sky

In the world of mining and big dam construction, women are the first to be affected by the pollution, loss of land and displacement. This is the story of women in Congo DR, Uganda and South Africa standing up for their rights against the multinationals destroying their environment and livelihood. Journeying between these three countries, […]

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Zanzibar Saves Its Sea

The ocean covers the major part of our planet, accommodating a quarter of all known species, influencing our climate and offering a coastal habitat for half of the world’s population – and despite this, we are destroying it. The overuse of the ocean leads to the destruction of the ecological balance. Simultaneously the coastal populations […]

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Vanilla: The Hunt for Brown Gold

The price of vanilla has increased exponentially in recent years. The demand too. A fight for the world’s most expensive spice has broken out. A film that takes you into the fascinating world of vanilla, but also shows the dark sides of this wonderful spice. […]

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Flight to Extinction

The Grey Crowned Crane is an iconic symbol for Uganda, appearing on its flag, and coat of arms. The national football team is even called the “Uganda Cranes,” in honour of the towering birds’ strength and invincibility. But sadly, this spectacular bird is now on IUCN’s Red Data list and if nothing is done, it’s […]

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Dream of Salt

A dream can’t be seen by the eyes as it resides in the world of imagination Nabil Herbawy’s dream lit up his sightless eyes to allow him to illuminate the dreamers’ lives. […]

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Back into the Wild

A troop of 14 bonobos is on the verge of being released into the forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Congolese conservation group Amis des Bonobos du Congo (ABC) is working to make sure the communities surrounding the release site feel invested in the project. This will be the second group to be […]

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Part of the Pack

This film will educate the public on an endangered species in their country that no one knows or is talking about. We will look at what makes an African Wild Dog so unique and give insight on how they are as a species with regards to their social dynamics and hunting techniques as a pack. […]

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Rumba, also known as Gumba, meaning ‘belly button to belly button’ is a famous musical rhythm in Africa and Latin Africa. “Sur le chemin de la Rumba” is a Congolese film tracing Rumba’s musical history through Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and thence back to Africa. It takes the audience on an exquisitely filmed […]

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My Friend Fela

Unlike any previous narrative about the Nigerian musical genius Fela Kuti. Most often portrayed as an eccentric African pop idol of the ghetto, Fela is rarely presented as the strong political leader he was. Through the eyes of his friends, especially of this close friend and official biographer, the African-Cuban intellectual Carlos Moore, this documentary […]

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The Cemetery Of Elephants

The closed universe of a retirement home in France, referred to as “The Elephants cemetery”, is home to about thirty boarders, retired priests, including Father François de Gaulle, the nephew of General De Gaulle. In this Burkanibe documentary, we share the daily lives of these former missionaries, named “Pères blanc (White Fathers)” by the West […]

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This is a very inspiring film for youth as the philosophy of Coupe Decale is “Work Hard, Have Fun and Show Off” because you deserve it. In 2002, armed with computers and music software, a group of young Ivorians living in France, and led by the charismatic Douk Saga created a movement called “Coupé Decale” […]

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