JULY 18, 2024 TO JULY 28, 2024

African Glory (Mali)

GENRE: Documentary
LENGTH: 104 Minutes
DIRECTOR: Cheick Tidiane Seck/Thierry Siegried Bugaud
LANGUAGES: Bamabara/French/English Subtitles


Screenings/Awards: Since made this has been a very sourced after film. It has been screened at UNESCO, at Cannes 2024, the highlight of Africa Day 2024 it has been projected throughout Africa and around the world.

African Glory is a powerful documentary film about one of the world’s least known historical accounts that was referred to as the “forbidden story.” It is a powerful and amazing revelation about a powerful kingdom from ancient Mali whose people navigated the new world before Christopher Columbus. The narrative of Christopher Columbus discovering the Americas is debunked through archaeologically backed evidence. The forbidden story is about an African king named Abu Bakr II who was the first to discover America. Abu Bakr II sailed to the new world with a fleet of 2,000 boats and left his brother, Mansa Musa to rule the kingdom during his absence. Mansa Musa would become the world’s richest person and leader of a powerful kingdom. The story of his fame and riches and the Mande empire is simply fascinating. African Glory is about how the truth of African exploration of the Americas was almost entirely erased from the past by Europeans, who sought to make the world forget that historical achievement. It is about the untold story of a man who set foot on the new continent, not as a slave shackled in chains, but as a king. Not as someone who was forced, but as one who chose to. It is about an African who sought to make a name for his culturally rich continent. The story of Abu Bakr II is a story about a human being who made a scientific attempt to discover other horizons with a scientific mind to illuminate and open the world to others. African Glory seeks to give his story the importance it deserves.

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Sun, 28 July
4:00 pm

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