JULY 18, 2024 TO JULY 28, 2024

Mali 70

GENRE: Music Documentary
LENGTH: 94 Minutes
LOCATIONS: Mali/Germany
DIRECTOR: Markus CM Schmidt
LANGUAGES: Bambara/French/English/English Subtitles


This is a story of cultural exchange, respecting values and learning from each other.

A Berlin big band sets out on a road trip to explore the infamous brass sections of the seventies together with legendary musicians from Mali. Popular music has its roots in West Africa, and especially in Mali. In Berlin, a big band discovers old vinyls from the Malian Big band such as Rail Band, Kananga of Mopti, Super Biton of Segou, Kene Stars of Sikasso and more of the era. Inspired by these songs, they travel to Mali to find the heroes of their vinyl collection, where they research the origins of the songs, marvel at old archive footage, bring back the lost brass sections to play with some of the remaining Malian stars and record an album in Salif Keita’s studio in Bamako. From working and jamming together, a joyful musical exchange emerges, transforming into an exchange of humanity as they voyage by boat and road on their musical quest into the heart of Malian life and culture. A wonderfully heartwarming documentary and an opportunity to meet and hear some of the old stars like Salif Keita, Sory Bamba, Neimouna, Cheick Tidiane Seck one of the Patron of the Festival on River Niger and others.

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Sun, 28 July
5:45 pm

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