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In a way, Mahmoud’s life is a ‘photocopy’ of millions of others: He has worked for 30 years in the same government job, as a data-entry typist for the State-owned newspaper. He has never married, and he’s never even been with a woman. When he settles for early retirement, he buys a nearby Storefront and […]

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Parkour(s) ex Reset

In a small city in North Africa, three women are heading to a marriage hall, Sonia to sing, Salima to work in the kitchen and Kamila to get married to a local rich businessman. When Youcef, a Parkour sportsman and desperate high school sweetheart of Kamila, takes a day off work to attend the wedding, […]

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Fig Tree

During the Ethiopian civil war, a Jewish teenager struggles to keep her beloved Christian boyfriend from being drafted, as she resists the pressure of leaving with her family to go to Israel without him. Set at a traumatic time in Ethiopia’s history, the film poses questions integral to the current international immigration debate: When war […]

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