African FILM FESTIVAL New Zealand

Online Festival for entire Australasia 10 December 2021 to 7 January 2022


Duga or Vultures are birds that live off dead animals. This film is about modern Burkinabe society where everyone is on the make like the vultures; and Animists, Muslims, and Christians are all entrenched in their own practices. The film rejects this religious sectarianism. Good friendships can be forever! […]

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The Other One is Me

This is a film of “life is always better on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea”. Three men meet on a deserted beach where they’ve been shipwrecked. The two Algerians are heading to Europe, and a Frenchman, who’s decided to change his life by going in the opposite direction. The resulting confusion, involving personality […]

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Deka, Asma and Hibo are three young Djibuti women from different socio-economic backgrounds who are studying for their secondary school graduation exam together. A beautiful insight into lives and loyalties of Djibouti teenagers whose concerns, in spite of an externally repressive culture, are those of teenagers everywhere regardless of religions and traditions. […]

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He Even Has Your Eyes

In their mid-30s, Paul and Sali are happily married and the proud new owners of their own fl orist’s store. The only cloud on their horizon is the long wait to adopt a child. Sali’s Senegalese parents, Mamita and Ousmane, even have a name ready for their future grandson: Lamine. Just when the couple had […]

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Welcome to Gondwana

Young French idealist plunged into African reality, controversial presidential elections, a dictator determined to remain in power by cheating, two sidekicks adept at geopolitics, a French congressman determined to sell asparagus to Africans, a young and pretty revolutionary: Welcome to Gondwana! […]

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It’s the 80s rail service system, and the train is the only means of transport from the outskirts. A couple – BOI (AdjeteyAnang) and ATSWEI (Lydia Forson) is bent on delivering their first baby in Aketebut misses their first train. A wrong decision finds them in the middle of nowhere. Will they make it on […]

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When a professional Nigerian couple abandon their accomplished life in Nigeria and migrate to the UK as HIGHLY SKILLED migrants , Life in the UK slowly unravels the true worth of their ‘sought-after’ skills. […]

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