JULY 18, 2024 TO JULY 28, 2024

Le Courage en Plus (Guinea)

GENRE: Music Documentary
LENGTH: 81 Minutes
LOCATIONS: Billy Touré
DIRECTOR: Billy Touré
LANGUAGES: Soussou/Malinke/French/English Subtitles


Screening/Awards: Best Documentary at Luxor African Film Festival, Jury speciale Mention at  Khourigba Documentary International Film Festival 2023, Double Special mention at Vue dAfrique 2024, Prix Critique Cinéma, Les 7 jours du 7ème Art, Conakry, Guinée, 2023.

One of the most inspiring films you will see this year, Le Courage en Plus is a beautiful story about courage, resilience, determination, and hope. Life for Salya, a disabled young man, has a daily routine of begging on the streets under dangerous conditions to support himself and his family. His life is however transformed when he joins an artiste group formed by Yoyo, a French based Guinean artist. The group is named “Handicapables” and is composed of disabled people who prior to its formation were unemployed and stigmatised due to their impairments. Salya and his fellow artistes dance, sing and play drums in Conakry and other cities and soon gain popularity. They demonstrate that they can rise above their disability and lead a fulfilled life, earn respect, and ensure they have dignity. Salya and his troupe take a trip to France where they perform and meet other people living with disabilities. Salya may be severely handicapped but manages to not only shine as an artiste, but also, gets married and fathers a beautiful child. Le Courage en Plus will truly leave you inspired and is a testament that anyone can rise above their physical, emotional, or mental limitations to live a fulfilled and happy life.

Ticket Info

Sat, 27 July
4:00 pm

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