African FILM FESTIVAL New Zealand


Online Festival for entire Australasia 9th to 31 December 2021

The Pearl Of Africa

Cleopatra Kambugu’s humour and warmth belie her circumstance. As a transgender woman living in Uganda, everyday life is tough. Uganda is a country blessed with beauty and biodiversity, yet the diversity of its people is shunned by many. This is typified by a notorious bill threatening life imprisonment for homosexuality. When she is outed on […]

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The Wedding Ring

Recently returned to her home in the Sultanate of Zinder after completing her degree abroad, Tiyaa, a young woman suffering from the pain of lost love, finds renewal while awaiting the mystical promise of a new moon. Rahmatou Keïta’s second feature slowly reveals itself as a story of female empowerment that also doesn’t shirk from […]

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The Train of Salt and Sugar

In 1989, Mozambique is a country ruined by civil war. The train that connects Nampula to Malawi is the only hope for people willing to risk their lives to exchange a few bags of salt for sugar. Running slowly over sabotaged tracks, the journey is filled with obstacles and violence. Mariamu, a frequent traveler, shares […]

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No Harm

No Harm is a short film that shows the “Never Ending” clashes between western armies and Terror organisations around the world and how the conflict affects the people of each side in particular and the whole world in general. No Harm has a peaceful message inspired by Prophet Muhamnad statement […]

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Ben And Ara

Ben, a passionately agnostic PhD student, falls behind in his dissertation and is surprised to find a muse in Ara, a devout Muslim. Ben and Ara soon fall in love but grapple with differences in their core beliefs and lifestyle choices. They discover that when two cultures touch each other, the consequences can be magical […]

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Children Of The Mountain

Against the picturesque Ghanaian backdrop, Children of the Mountain is an honest exploration of a mother’s will in the face of much adversity. When her baby is born with a cleft lip, cerebral palsy, and Down syndrome, Essuman is led to believe that she has a ‘dirty womb.’ Her promising future as a wife and […]

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When a professional Nigerian couple abandon their accomplished life in Nigeria and migrate to the UK as HIGHLY SKILLED migrants , Life in the UK slowly unravels the true worth of their ‘sought-after’ skills. […]

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Kati Kati

Kaleche, a young woman, wanders into the otherworldly village of Kati Kati, not knowing who she is or how she got there. She finds a community of eccentrics led by the charismatic Thoma, to whom she is inexplicably drawn. As the residents begin to discover what is keeping them there, and the living and the […]

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Sans Regret

Gaston, a hard worker and honest man, is on the verge of poverty. To provide for his family with dignity, he takes his chances with mutual funds, loans, and borrowing. Then one day, as he’s returning home, Gaston is mobbed and stripped of everything. Relentlessly, he goes after his attackers. As he delves into the […]

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Nigeria’s middle belt, 1976. Respected army officer Captain Joseph Dewa and his wife, Suzy, who is from the south eastern part of Nigeria, eagerly anticipate their first child. Suzy’s family adamantly disapproves of her intercultural marriage. At the same time, rebellious soldiers on Joseph’s base attempt to recruit him into a coup plot to assassinate […]

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Baaba Maal The Traveller

The band “The Very Best” (the first white band to perform at Baaba Maal’s Festival “Blues du Fleuve”) is travelling with Baaba Maal to his birthplace Podor in the North of Senegal, where this traveling festival will be happening this time. The guiding thread of the documentary is an interview with Baaba Maal which is […]

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Between the alleys of the poor neighbourhood and the roads leading to the villas of the luxury compound, Nawara goes back and forth everyday on her way to work, Carrying in her journey between these two worlds the worries of the people of her neighbourhood and their simple dreams. Nawara didn’t know that the spring […]

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